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My flipflops dangle while we play games & u love watching the soles flap against my feet. The card asks what u r thinking about right now when my toes are in your face. I use them 2 flap the other shoe n tease you about your girlfriend being jealous of me. Friends can flirt.

The next card says u need to slow down and pick which woman you want to be with. I don’t dress like a slut, but I sensually spread my legs and show u my pussy. Besides your girlfriend is the whore of the neighborhood.

Let’s try the next card- Everyone knows you have a foot fetish & I have the prettiest feet in the world. You should dump your girlfriend and worship my pedicured toes.

Deep down inside u know you want me as your girlfriend but are too scared to admit it. Are u watching as I shuffle the dice near my bald pussy?

I am just going to have 2 take what I want. You think that’s funny? Let’s see how you feel when u r under my foot. You love my beautiful soles and toes & want to smell them. Follow my pointed toes while I command u 2 be my foot slave. Read more

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