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Famous music producer Tim Mosley, better known as Timbaland, was in relationship issues with his wife before, and now he’s about to go through some again. Timbaland’s wife Monique Mosley, has filed for divorce, nearly two years after she wanted to end their marriage, but they got back together the following year.

The Virginia native’s wife filed for divorce in a Florida court on June 22nd. The court isn’t disclosing what Mrs. Mosley wants from the divorce, but the last time she filed for divorce, she requested permanent alimony, life insurance and spousal support, an exzpkojo. cheap white and gold timberlandsd money for private schooling, summer camp, and vacations for their kids.

The Mosley ex-couple have one daughter, Reign Mosley, and Timbaland has a son, Demetrius Mosley, who is from one of his previous relationships. However, even though the 43 year old’s son is not Mrs. Mosley’s biological child, she previously filed him in her child support requests, as she publicly and privately proclaimed him as his own. Monique Mosley may be trying to take everything away from the music icon.

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timberlands boots jd women's Sleaze and scandal under Mosley's reign by Sapa 22/10/2009, 14:07 Tweet For all the achievements of his 16 years as head of the FIA, Max Mosley steps aside this week with his impact upon motorsport being questioned rather than celebrated.

With former Ferrari boss Jean Todt or ex-world rally champion Ari Vatanen set to replace Mosley as FIA president after Friday's vote, Mosley will leave as a divisive figure, most remembered for his appetitive for political battle and personal indiscretions.

Mosley would prefer that his reign be remembered for the enormous commercial growth of its flagship event, Formula One, and for the enhanced and strict safety conditions he had helped implement, but instead, it is reports of the 70-year-old Englishman's participation in a sadomasochistic sex session with five prostitutes last year that is most likely to be the enduring image.

Mosley's ability to survive that sex scandal was a testament to his shrewd political abilities, deft manoeuvering and brazen personality that had helped him long preside over a sport of constantly shifting alliances and rivalries. His stubborn nature proved to be his biggest asset, as he rode out a scandal that left many labeling the sport's governing body a mockery.

Instead of stepping aside when the sex sting was revealed 18 months ago, Mosley sued the British tabloid which broke the story and won the case while cleverly delaying any judgment upon his conduct.

He then U-turned on a promise not to run for a fifth term as the economic crisis hit F1 and manufacturers such as Honda and BMW, and sponsors Credit Suisse and ING all pulled out. His drastic proposals for cost cutting in F1 put the teams on the verge of setting up a breakaway series and their anger over the FIA's unilateral role ultimately precipitated his departure.

"Everyone should know their part," said F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, who alongside Mosley formed a duo that controlled both the business and regulatory sides of motor racing. "The governing body should govern, we should look after the commercial side and the teams should race."

Mosley's early ambitions toward a career in politics proved impossible given his family history - he is the son of Oswald Mosley, who ran the British Union of Fascists. With that option denied him, Mosley seemed to relish the intense brinkmanship and infighting that was offered by F1 and the FIA.

"They say that I compromised the image of Formula One and that of its sponsors but I don't even know any sponsors and, another thing, how many fans has Formula One lost because of me? None I believe," he said.

Mosley's appetite for political battle irritated many as bickering became more prevalent.

"He is more general secretary than a president really, which upsets a lot of people because he does get involved in everything," Ecclestone said earlier this year. "He's a remarkable individual and he's mischievous."

Under Mosley, the glaring inconsistencies of disciplinary measures brought widespread accusations of FIA favouritism.

Renault this year received only a suspended two-year ban for ordering one of its drivers to crash at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix to help his teammate win the race. The driver, Nelson Piquet Jr., received immunity for his testimony while team principal Flavio Briatore - one of those who sought to oust Mosley - was banned from the sport indefinitely.

Renault was also let off without penalty in 2007 following a spying scandal, while McLaren received a record US$100 million fine for the same thing.

"You have to put this in the context of inconsistencies in the way in which the FIA has treated breaches of the regulations over the years," former F1 champion Damon Hill said. "Is it just a very expensive form of entertainment or a proper sport? There is a whole book on what's wrong with Formula One."

Mosley denied the controversies were an indictment on how the sport is managed.

"Despite the inevitable controversies... it continues to be one of the world's great sporting contests and a testament to the work of the FIA team," Mosley said.

But fighting so many battles maybe took its toll, perhaps more so after Mosley lost one of his sons to a drug overdose earlier this year.

"Some days I wake up thinking 'Do I really care about spending all day long trying to solve other peoples' problems, in effect stop people going bust while allowing them to make money, in return for which I get roundly abused?' Do I really want to do this?"


JR Tokai designs new bullet train to reign 'supreme' abroad

TOMOHIRO ICHIHARA, Nikkei staff writer

A rendering of JR Tokai's new N700S train

NAGOYA, Japan -- A lot is riding on  Central Japan Railway 's next shinkansen bullet train.

The Japanese company known as JR Tokai is preparing to introduce the new N700S -- the "S" stands for "supreme" -- on the Tokaido Shinkansen line that connects Tokyo and Osaka. The rollout is planned for fiscal 2020, when Tokyo will host the Summer Olympics. The last time the capital hosted the games, back in 1964, the very first Tokaido Shinkansen trains were brought into service.

The symbolic timing of the N700S launch, though, is not what makes the train so strategically important. JR Tokai sees the model as the key to the overseas expansion it has been dreaming about for years. 

"The N700S will be a revolutionary train," JR Tokai President Koei Tsuge said. Not only will it be much lighter than previous models, but it will also have a number of upgrades, such as power outlets for mobile devices at all seats.

The company has two target markets in mind: the U.S. state of Texas and Taiwan.

A JR Tokai subsidiary is about to start helping out with a high-speed rail project in Dallas, Texas. The unit, High-Speed-Railway Technology Consulting, is to provide technical support to Texas Central Partners, which aims to open a nearly 400km route to Houston by 2021.

Texas Central Partners CEO Tim Keith has said he wants to adopt JR Tokai's top-class technology, built up over half a century. If everything goes according to plan, the Dallas-Houston route will be the first overseas high-speed rail line built and operated to Japanese standards.

JR Tokai initially planned to use the N700-I Bullet, which is based on the current N700 series, for the Texas project. But the N700S, if it is ready on time, is likely to get the nod.

Light and flexible

The trains that currently run on the Tokaido line all have 16 cars. But the N700S series -- which consists of two front cars and two types of carriages, rather than six types -- allows for, say, eight- or 12-car configurations. This would be ideal for the Texas route, which will not be as busy as the Tokaido line.

At peak times in Japan, more than 10 trains run on the line. The traffic in Texas will be considerably lighter.

Meanwhile, JR Tokai hopes to sell its new train to Taiwan High Speed Rail, which runs a line from Taipei in the north to Kaohsiung in the south. The line currently uses the 700T, a derivative of Japan's soon-to-be-retired 700 series.

JR Tokai's earnings stand to get a big boost if it wins orders to replace Taiwan's trains in 2020 or thereafter.

The N700S is the company's seventh-generation bullet train. It will be the first to weigh less than 700 tons, making it about 300 tons lighter than the original 0 series.

Despite its leaner body, the new train will have to do quite a bit of heavy lifting for JR Tokai.

Central Japan Railway Co. Japan

Market(Ticker): TKS(9022) Sector:
Industry: Transportation
Railroads Market cap(USD): 32,311.38M Shares: 206M about Central Japan Railway Co. Print Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Mail Related companies Central Japan Railway Co.

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