In the soccer world, Cristiano Ronaldo is a god among men.

In the aesthetics world, he's an Adonis: muscular jawline, insanely sculpted legs, and, perhaps most enviably, a ridiculously shredded six-pack.

And it's no secret that Ronaldo is also one of the hardest-working athletes around (and his impressive Instagram workouts prove it).

But even with his obvious skill and looks, Ronaldo's physique isn't limited to him alone. To get everyone in on the soccer sensation's training, Nike's rolling out a new series of athlete workouts complete with motivational tips and holistic health, and training tips from pros on the Nike+ Training Club app.

Some of Ronaldo's training secrets that keep him primed and ready come game time are available, too.

For example, Ronaldo has a ritual the night before any game. He'll drink tea with honey or milk and soak in a very hot bath for about 20 minutes, he told Nike. Sure, it's relaxing, but it's also part of a mental stratagem—a “smart detail,” Ronaldo says, that has a marked influence on his readiness and ability to outperform most guys on the field.

The following go-anywhere abs routine was curated by Ronaldo's fitness pro, Nike trainer Joaquin Juan. (He's also provided Ronaldo's legs workout on the app, which will help you hone better strength and agility).

“Because the core functions to stabilize the entire body, maintain proper muscular and joint stability, and allow for proper biomechanics, core workouts are critical to Cristiano’s health and longevity as an athlete,” Juan said about his programs for Ronaldo in a press release. Ready to attack your abs from every angle?

The abs and legs workouts featuring Ronaldo are available July 22. Another will release shortly after. Download the NTC app here.